Where To Find the Best Scholarships For Your Degree Choice

scholarshipScholarships are becoming increasingly vital for helping the majority of students afford to pursue a college degree for post-secondary school success. According to the Trends in College Pricing report from the College Board, the average overall tuition rate for public universities has risen 4.8 percent to $8,655 a year and the mean tuition rate for private universities has risen 4.2 percent to $29,056 in just the past year. As the price tag of higher education continues to steadily rise, one quarter of the U.S. population, around 70 million people, owe more than $700 billion in student loan debt. With such a shocking sticker price and the already struggling economy, many high school seniors are being discouraged from attending college to further their education.

However, every student deserves the opportunity to pursue advanced schooling and achieve their academic dreams. Luckily, there are a variety of scholarships that are available to help support student needs and lighten their financial load. Unlike student loans that accumulate interest and debt, scholarships provide an opportunity to receive money without paying for it later on. Despite popular belief that scholarships are only for needy students in poverty, scholarships are vital for all students to bridge the gaps between their resources and the cost of tuition. There are literally thousands of scholarships accessible for different types of scholars, in order to accommodate the financial support needs of every student.

If you are in search of scholarships and grants to help assist you with achieving all of your education or career goals, you have come to the right one-stop shop. We have gathered all of the best scholarships that can help cover the costs of tuition, books, housing, fees, room and board, school supplies, and other everyday expenses. Since sorting through all of the scholarships offered nationwide on the Internet can be overwhelming and time-consuming, we have created numerous resources for finding scholarships based on your chosen degree major. No matter what your program of study or career aspirations, we aim to deliver the best scholarship information specific to your degree right to your fingertips. So, get started today by exploring the following listing of scholarships that are available by your degree choice.

Top 25 Scholarships by Major Area of Study