Can I Get a Refund if I Drop an Online College Class?

Are you considering dropping online college classes? Before you stop logging into your courses that you have already paid for, it is important to take time to review the refund policies for online programs so that you are not obligated to pay for a course that you do not plan on attending.

Every institution, both online and traditional, has their own unique refund policies. As a requirement, the refund policies are public record, and you have the right to review these policies prior to enrolling in a program. By paying your tuition, you are agreeing to the refund policies and acknowledging that you have reviewed the information in detail. Here is some information to help ensure that you understand the refund policies for dropped online classes:

Know the Deadline for Dropping Online Classes for a Full Refund

Dropping a class early on in the semester is generally referred to as withdrawing from the class. When you withdraw by the withdrawal deadline, this reflects better than dropping the class after the withdrawal deadline on your college transcripts. Too many drops can result in disciplinary action or denial when you try to attend another institution. Every school has a detailed calendar that lists the registration dates, the semester start dates, and also the withdrawal deadlines for students who want to drop their courses without being penalized.

Many times, the withdrawal deadline is also the deadline that you must adhere to receive a full or partial refund for your tuition fees. This period is referred to as the 100 percent refund period, and typically ranges between 7 and 14 days in length from the start of the semester. Those who do not meet this deadline may be eligible for a partial refund if partial refunds are written into the refund policy.

How Much Money Will You Be Refunded?

The term full refund does not necessarily mean that you will receive 100 percent of the money that you have paid out-of-pocket back. If you have paid a technology fee to attend your online course, or a health fee to the university, this fee is non-refundable. If you are financing the tuition fees, there is a chance that the financing fee that you paid at the time of application is also non-refundable. You should discuss which fees will, and which fees will not be refunded to you with the admissions or the financial aide department of the school before you make any assumptions. Learning this may influence you to continue to attend your online classes so that you do not lose money that has been spent on tuition, fees, and even on books and supplies that cannot be returned. Some schools also charge a drop fees to students, which can range between $25 and $100.

If you are tempted to drop a class for any reason, be sure to take the time to consider the consequences before you do this. If you do not meet the withdrawal deadline, dropping the class can affect your academic standing and your academic record. If you do meet the deadline, dropping a class one time may not affect you, but there is a chance that you will lose money in doing so. Review the refund policy for dropping online college classes, and make the most responsible decision.

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