Can Online Students Have an Undeclared College Major?

It is common for college students to have an undeclared major at the start of their college career. When you have not yet declared your major, it means that you are still testing the waters to see which curriculum speaks to you and which career options you have a passion for.

While undeclared majors can be found all throughout junior college and university campuses, things are a bit different when you are an online college student. Before you assume that your life as an online college student will be the same as a traditional student’s experiences, you need to find out how declaring your major works.

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Being Undeclared is Often the Norm

You might feel at a loss when you cannot decide what you want to study but you should not feel alone. Choosing one major out of hundreds of options can be overwhelming. This is why 80 percent of college-bound high schools students have not decided on a major by their first semester. These college freshmen start out undeclared and may even spend their first two years in college as an undeclared student.

Undeclared Students Can Avoid Taking Useless Courses

Even students who select a major as a freshmen have been surveyed to say that they are not certain that the major they declared is right for them. Being an exploratory student and getting exposed to content is what ultimately helps students decide. By completing your required general education courses, you can immerse yourself in information and network with professors. Declaring a major too soon can lead to a waste of your time and money. After all, if you take major courses and then switch your major, these classes will not count towards your graduation credits. This is something to ponder before you rush any major decisions.

Can You Be an Undeclared Student Studying Online?

Whether or not you can go to school online undeclared depends on the school. If you are going to a traditional college that has just recently started to offer online options, it is possible to go to school undeclared while you explore learning. There are even some online colleges that offer undeclared degree program options. These are designed for students who do not have college experience and who want to begin their journey without really knowing what major suits them best. These programs will offer you access to a college adviser who will give you guidance so that you can make the right major decision.

What to Consider When Selecting a Major

It is important not to rush your decision but you also need to declare a major in a timely manner. If you wait until your third year or you change your major too late, you could delay your graduation. Make sure that you review your progress with a college counselor each semester and reevaluate your goals. If you are bored in your classes, you are not doing well, or you are wondering about other majors, it might be time to rethink the decisions you have made.

Committing to a major is a scary thought. If you are undeclared when you enter school, at some point you will need to make a commitment. Online vocational schools require you to major in a program of study immediately. Other colleges give you time to declare. If you are not sure what path is right for you, be an undeclared major and reassess every semester.

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