Do Community Colleges Offer Online Degrees?

Distance education has become popular with people of all age demographics, and online community college programs are making two year degrees more accessible than ever before.

Many people look at junior and community colleges as stepping stones towards earning four year degrees at universities. However, some community college academic programs prepare graduates for challenging careers that offer substantial pay right away. When these programs are offered in flexible online formats, college bound students are positioned for greater academic and career success.

Here are some examples of online community college degree programs and the types of careers that are available to successful graduates.

Computer Information Systems

Skilled technology professionals are in great demand in domestic markets and around the world. The right credentials and knowledge can lead to job opportunities at leading companies or lucrative contract work that can be done from nearly anywhere that one has a network connection. Broward College that is based in Fort Lauderdale offers an accelerated online degree program that culminates in a Computer Systems Specialist Associate of Science (AS) degree. A student can earn this degree in 15 months depending on their aptitude and personal schedule. Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium offers students an online, two year Computer Support Specialist AS degree through Capital Community College that is based in Hartford. Students can also get a Computer Information Systems AS through Alexandria Technical and Community College’s online program.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals earned median annual salaries of $48,350 in 2014, and the projected growth for this job is expected to be as fast as average for all jobs surveyed. However, most employers hire only legal professionals who have degrees or certificates in paralegal studies. Alexandria Technical and Community College that is based out of Alexandria, Minnesota offers an online Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies to help aspiring legal professionals get started in the legal career field. The school also provides scholarships and career assistance for its online students.

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Web Development Technology

Nearly all businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies rent real estate on the information highway known as the internet. The people who initially construct those interactive, informative web pages on the internet and keep them updated for these entities are called web developers. While these information technology professionals can acquire the necessary programming and design concepts from self study, it is much easier to learn web development skills within structured degree programs that can be completed at one’s own pace. Motivated, future web developers can earn a Web Development Technology AAS degree completely online from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College that is based out of Gulfport.


While teaching may not be the highest paid profession, it is a rewarding job that offers a certain amount of stability and job security even during tough economic times. Those who are thinking of becoming a teacher but who cannot give up their current jobs now have the option of earning associate level degrees in education totally online. The Community College of Aurora in Colorado offers two year early childhood education and elementary education degrees completely online. The school has articulation agreements in place that guarantee that credits taken for these programs are fully transferable to designated four year universities in the Colorado public college and university school system. This is ideal for aspiring educators who want to teach in Colorado. Northwest-Shoals Community College in Alabama offers a similar program in education.


Nearly everyone agrees that today’s job market is highly competitive, and many people have to take additional training to enter career paths that lead to more opportunities. Online community college programs allow both young and mature students to thoroughly learn new topics at their own pace so that they can be ready for their next career move.