Do Online Colleges Offer Scholarships?

As an increasing number of college students turn to distance learning education to flexibly pursue their academic and professional goals, scholarships for online college continue to rise to help students pay for their learning.

While most online-only universities and traditional brick-and-mortar colleges already offer a discounted tuition rate for distance learning programs, extra scholarship funding can still be extremely beneficial for reducing the amount of repayment required after graduation. Whether you are a part-time college student or a mid-career change non-traditional student, read on to learn more about how you can earn scholarships to financially support your quest for receiving an online degree.

Most Popular Scholarships for Online College

Since the funding is not school-specific and can be applied to any university offering an accredited online degree program, many of the most popular online college scholarships are offered by private organizations. For instance, presents the Online College Scholarship Fund to award up to $1,000 for students attending an accredited online university headquartered anywhere in the United States. The SR Education Group’s Guide to Online Schools also funds a popular scholarship program that provides $2,000 to military members, single parents, women, and community college students enrolled in an online university.

In addition to scholarships provided by private organizations, the majority of online universities also provide scholarships for students enrolled in their distance-based programs. For example, Walden University offers a variety of merit-base undergraduate and graduate scholarships with over $1,000,000 in funding to help their degree-seeking students reach their highest academic potential. Furthermore, Western Governor’s University sponsors at least ten scholarships each year, ranging in value from $1,000 to $2,500, for incoming and continuing students pursuing one of their accredited degree programs.

Tips for Finding More Online College Scholarships

In order to unearth more of the abundant scholarships for online college, the first most crucial step is to check with your online school’s financial aid department or admissions office to receive the most accurate information about available scholarship funding. Since many scholarships are only offered on an annual basis, it is recommended that you check early so that you have the appropriate time needed to prepare the application before the deadline.

If you would rather search for scholarships online, be sure to be on high alert for the telltale signs of scholarship scams that ask for credit card information, demand an application fee, or make false guarantees. When in doubt, do not be afraid to search through the Better Business Bureau site to protect your financial information from threats and ensure you are dealing with real organizations with real intentions to help you pay for online college.

Although there are plenty of scholarships available for online distance learning students, it is important to remember that students pursuing an accredited online degree are also eligible for many of the same financial aid options as traditional students too. Regardless of the format of the program, students enrolled in accredited online coursework are usually welcome to apply to all other scholarships as long as they fulfill all of the eligibility requirements. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you combine the funding received from traditional scholarships with scholarships for online colleges to achieve all of your online college dreams without breaking the bank or accumulating mountains of debt.