How Do I Get a Job Teaching College Online?

With the rise in popularity of online learning, there are clearly more opportunities for teachers to provide virtual instruction than ever before. Teaching online is a a little different than going to an actual classroom every day. Most people think that working online as a teacher would be easier. However, teachers who educate others online have to be able to help students without being face-to-face and also possess savvy Internet skills to work with email programs, online course work, file uploads, video instruction and other virtual instruction materials. These are just a few of the things that you must consider before jumping into an online teaching position. The actual process of getting a job as an online instructor varies by school.

Education Requirements for Hiring Online Teachers

For any teaching position whether online or traditional, it’s important to possess the necessary qualifications.┬áLike any job applicant, interested teachers have to fill out the necessary paperwork and application in order to get a job as an online teacher. To teach certain levels you’ll need a higher degree. Most states require that teachers have at least a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate to teach high school level. Other states actually require that you have a graduate degree. Most colleges require a higher degree, which usually means a master’s or doctorate degree is necessary.

Specific Qualifications by State

The University of Kentucky provides a list of all certification requirements for teaching college in each state. In addition to these qualifications by state, you’ll also need to meet the qualifications for your subject matter. Special education, single subject and multiple subject teachers all have different requirements. Colleges will also require that you have higher degrees depending on the subject matter. For example, if you want to teach a course on calculus at a collegiate level, you’ll need a master’s degree or doctorate degree as well as teaching experience in order for colleges to accept your credentials.

Why Graduate Degrees are Necessary for Online Teachers

The reason that most colleges require graduate degrees in order to teach college courses is because you gain teaching experience in graduate school. Most graduate students work as a teacher’s assistant or professor’s assistant, which gives them some knowledge on how to help students learn. In addition, online colleges may require specific training or courses in computers or Internet technology. In order to work as a college professor online, you’ll need to be able post videos, upload assignments, grade assignments online, post discussion topics, research current news related to subject matter and utilize other virtual instruction materials.

Find Jobs Teaching Online

Most schools post all of their available positions right on the school’s website through a job board. Others may be listed on job sites like If you have a school in mind near where you live, contact their administrative department or human resources to inquire about positions or stop into the office to hand in a resume. When you show your resume, make sure to include all of your educational qualifications, experience and teaching certification for your state.

There are many advantages to teaching online. Virtual instructors can teach from anywhere and start grading papers as soon as the assignments are turned in online. In addition, if you work online for a school in another state, you don’t have to relocate in order to keep your job. However, you do need computer training or Internet knowledge to make sure that you’re giving students the best online education experience.