What Are the Easiest Degrees to Get Online?

If you’re busy with family, have a full-time job or cannot get a college degree the traditional way for another reason, you may be wondering about which majors offer the easiest online degrees. Associate’s degrees are easier to earn online than bachelor’s degrees, and four-year computer science and liberal arts programs are also quite common.

Associate’s Degree

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, the average community college student is 29 years old, and about two-thirds of students only attend part-time. Also, a student who attends a community college usually already lives in the area and doesn’t have to relocate. All of this information points to the fact that community college students already have responsibilities in their lives and cannot attend college full-time during the day. Because of this, schools that grant associate’s degrees are more likely to offer programs that can be completed online. Associate’s degrees are also easier to get online because they tend to cost less, have less demanding courses and normally only take two years to complete. By getting a two-year degree, you can make yourself more marketable to future employers, open promotion options in your current career or work towards eventually getting a bachelor’s degree.

Computer Science

If you want to major in computer science, you’re in luck – there are quite a few online degree options out there. Since most classes use computers extensively, it makes since that most, if not all, of the classes in this type of program can be taken as distance courses. Depending on the school that you choose to go to, you may be required to complete an internship. Most internships can’t be completed online, but at least you won’t have to travel to campus to complete this requirement – by networking and talking to the right people, you should be able to find an internship close to where you live. Because people who get computer science degrees usually work with technology all day long, it may actually be beneficial for you to earn this degree online – the more comfortable that you become with using computers for a variety of things, the better off you’ll be.

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Liberal Arts

Liberal arts degrees are the easiest online degrees to earn in the world of distance education. This is because students have a wide variety of options when it comes to selecting courses compared to other majors. If you major in physics, for instance, many of your courses will be pre-selected for you. Yes, you’ll still get to choose electives, but there are quite a few classes that you just have to take. Liberal arts majors, on the other hand, have very few specific courses that are required. Majoring in liberal arts won’t get you a specialized job like majoring in computer science will, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be unemployed either. Many employers who work in non-specialized fields only hire college graduates, but they may be open to hiring many different types of majors.

No matter what type of degree you want or what you plan to major in, you should be able to find an opportunity if you look hard enough. Be that as it may, computer science, liberal arts and associate’s degrees are usually the easiest online degrees to earn.