What Can I Do With an Online Marketing Degree?

online-marketing-degreeStudents who choose to get an online marketing degree have many career opportunities available to them and can generally reach their professional goals in a schedule friendly manner.

Marketing is the business function that seeks to sell products, services or ideas by identifying targeted customers and their preferences. Aspiring marketing professionals need to develop written and verbal communication skills, creative problem solving abilities and deep knowledge of market research methods. Here are some popular web based marketing degree concentrations, tips for choosing the right online program and common career opportunities for those who earn this degree.

Types of Web Based Marketing Degrees

The internet presents many flexible learning options for those schools that have experience developing effective curricula. For example, marketing degree programs can be delivered in a strictly online format, or they can use a combination of traditional classroom and online courses depending on the subject matter. Some traditional marketing specializations that have been given new life through modern, online formats are marketing research, advertising and brand management.

Marketing research is the analytical method used by marketing professionals to identify customers, their buying preferences and their communication methods. Marketing curricula can easily include online instruction for the automated tools used during real world marketing research projects.

Advertising professionals use the results of the analysis conducted by market research professionals to plan and implement promotional campaigns. One of the most important functions of marketing is selling the idea of a positive brand reputation, and this is done primarily by marketing teams dedicated to brand management.

The brand management specialization is usually reinforced with applied and experiential learning activities like special field studies and internships. An emerging online marketing program specialization is social media marketing. Social media platforms are used by millions of people daily, and marketing professionals know that that they are often the preferred communication channels for their targeted customers. This specialization is well suited to online marketing degree programs because the subject’s main course topics take place on the internet.

Choosing the Right Online Marketing Program

The two main goals of pursuing an online degree in marketing is to develop requisite skills and attract employment opportunities. Students who research online marketing programs’ curricula can often locate ones that will help them further their career aspirations; these programs usually include internships. Prospective students can also find out if the school’s program is accredited, well-respected by employers and has a high after graduation employment rate. Marketing programs that link students with career services, mentors and professional networking opportunities are considered beneficial.

Common Career Opportunities

Some popular career opportunities for those who earn degrees through online marketing programs are internet marketing managers, market research analysts and product managers. Nearly all businesses rely on the internet to either directly sell their products or inform prospective customers about their offerings; internet marketing managers plan marketing strategies to reach customers via the internet. Market research analysts collect data and convert it into information needed by top decision makers throughout companies. Product managers utilize brand management skills to help develop, position and sell products within a company portfolio.


Marketing degree course work often lends itself well to online formats. However, all online marketing degree programs are not created equally, and students must research the program’s curriculum, accreditation status and overall reputation to determine the right program for them.

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