What Can I Do With an Online Psychology Degree?

what-can-i-do-with-an-online-psychology-degreeA common misconception found among those working in the behavioral sciences field is that an online psychology degree is somehow different from a degree obtained from a traditional school. As long as you attend an accredited program , you have access to the same jobs as any other psychology student. Some employers may even give you high marks for effectively managing your time as you juggled work and school. Find out more about some of the jobs open to you after you graduate.

Career Counselor

Working in a counseling field usually requires that you have some type of advanced degree and that you pass any licensing requirements in your state. If you only have an undergraduate degree, you might look for career counseling jobs. These jobs usually do not require an advanced degree. A career counselor assists those looking for new jobs and those interested in making a career change. You might administer tests that determine the type of skills they possess and tests designed to show them the best jobs for them. Career counselors often help those who are unemployed too.

Probation/Parole Officer

Finishing an online psychology degree may qualify you for working as a probation or a parole officer. A parole officer works with recently released prisoners who left jail early, while a probation officer works with those who receive probation in lieu of jail time. You are responsible for ensuring that each person under your care has a safe place to live and follows the rules put in place by a judge. This may involve home visits and job visits to ensure your clients work and live in the locations registered with the court. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, probation officers make a median salary of more than $48,000 a year.

Victim Advocate

Seeking employment as a victim advocate lets you work with people who desperately need your help. An advocate strives to provide clients with the best services and support when those clients cannot help themselves. One example of a victim advocate is a child’s advocate. You might work with children who were victims of emotional or physical abuse and help them talk about what they experienced in court. Advocates often keep clients feeling safe and comfortable when they press charges against another individual or when they need help escaping a bad situation.

Crisis Counselor

An online degree may also let you work as a crisis counselor. Crisis counselors, sometimes called crisis specialists, provide help and support for those going through a bad time and the loved ones of that client. Crisis counselors sometimes work for drug rehabilitation centers and help loved ones stage interventions. This helps addicts learn how their behaviors help those around them. Counselors also work in domestic abuse centers and homeless shelters. They can help victims of abuse find a safe place to live and provide them with the tools and skills needed to live on their own.

When you study psychology online, you still take the same courses as you would offline and may even complete an internship too. Though some might tell you that there aren’t many jobs available to those with an online psychology degree, you can find work in a number of fields, including counseling and corrections.