What is a Green MBA?

green-mba-programsSustainability is becoming a major focus of corporations and organizations, and this is why Green MBA Programs are becoming an increasingly popular choice. If you already possess a Bachelor’s degree in a specific concentration and you want to advance your degree so that you can move on to a leadership role in a corporate environment, you need to compare all of the various types of MBA degree programs that you can apply to. If sustainability and eco-friendliness are some of your main priorities, you may want to put the Green MBA type in the forefront of your interests. Read on and learn more about Green MBA programs and what they put an emphasis on.

What Will Green MBA Programs Teach and What is the Emphasis?

MBA programs, which are short for a Master of Business Administration, are offered by accredited business schools all over the nation. These graduate programs have a strong emphasis on business and leadership, and have a general focus on the business world and the concentration rather than just a specific major. In addition to gaining a broad knowledge and acute abilities in business, you will develop specialized skills within the concentration that you select.

If you choose to enroll in a Green MBA program, the specialized skills that will be taught will be centered around corporate sustainability. Also referred to as a sustainable business degree, a green MBA will provide training on theory and also the practice of business management and the impact that environmental issues and energy efficiency has on all aspects of a business. Instead of taking a traditional program where the environment and impacts are just an elective course, the Green MBA makes sustainability and the environment the primary focus.

Is the Green MBA Program a Right Choice For You?

With more and more government incentives being offered by the Federal government, and a larger group of consumers patronizing businesses that put a focus on sustainability, large and mid-sized companies are hiring professionals with a Green MBA. According to a survey that was given of 481 companies, 95% of executives believe that sustainable development is important for the future in business. As the need for professionals who specialize in green jobs grows, more and more organizations are adding green jobs.

Currently one in every ten employers have added green positions to their job base in the last 12 months. This shows a lot of hope for candidates who are already pursuing a green MBA, and for those who really want to be qualified for a green job. Some of the jobs you can hold that focus on sustainability include: Business Analyst, Account Executive, Project Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Operations Manager, Sustainability Analyst, Research Analyst, Manager, and Executive Director.

Now that you understand that a Green MBA focuses on different techniques and technologies that will have a positive impact on an environment and a business, the next step is finding a program that really prepares you for the real corporate world. There are many global challenges that companies must deal with while running a business of any size, and you will learn how to be a valuable asset in helping companies be as sustainable as possible daily. Learn about how the planet, people, and profit are all components of the triple bottom line, and choose from the best Green MBA programs.