What Type of Careers are Available With a Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies?

For many people, the degree in interdisciplinary studies is a great choice for advancement in their chosen career path. With this degree, one can be even more directly educated with regard to several, specific, job-relevant studies. What exactly is an interdisciplinary studies degree?

A degree in interdisciplinary studies is a degree that allows the student to focus simultaneously on several majors rather than the typical, singular major. Arranging to take this degree route requires working with the college to design an appropriate and fully accredited course schedule. This route is most usually taken by students that have a specific, multi-pronged vocation in mind that requires knowledge in several disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Example 1

There are many different combinations of studies that can be brought together for the perfect interdisciplinary degree. One example might be demonstrated by Tom, our figurative student that wants to get into controlled explosives work in avalanche prevention. This requires Tom to be educated in chemistry as well as weather. Therefore, Tom’s perfect interdisciplinary degree would focus on these two areas of major study simultaneously.

Interdisciplinary Example 2

Perhaps Juanita wants to become an arboriculturist for an agricultural organization. She will then need considerable knowledge in areas such as agronomy and environmental science. The most fitting degree for Juanita would then be an interdisciplinary degree majoring in these two studies. The interdisciplinary degree is the best route to acquiring a dual-subject, college accreditation such as needed in these examples.

Careers for the Interdisciplinary Degree

An interdisciplinary degree’s flexibility can help one to satisfy the requirements of any number of potential career choices. Again, this will ultimately depend on the studies majored in. Let’s take a look at some example careers made possible by an interdisciplinary degree.


Although attorneys are required to go through law school, an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies can be perfect for this path. Any two majors from an assortment of studies including criminal justice, civil law, criminal law, or immigration law can be chosen. Such combinations will give the student a rounded and broad knowledge base for their future attorney work.

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Chief of Operations

The chief of operations typically is responsible for complete oversight of all operations performed within a business. Oakland University cites specific areas of on-the-job focus such as best practices, current technology, tools, and leadership. This respected career can often accept a diverse range of college majors. Majoring in two areas is even better. Great majors for this can include business administration, operation management, human resources, logistics, and many others.

Building Engineer

Building engineers play a crucial part in designing, building, and certifying a building as safe and functional. As such, knowledge of math, physics, structure, and soil stability are all required. An interdisciplinary degree that included majors like mathematics, structural design, building engineering, or architectural drawing would be very valuable here.

School Principal

Serving as a school principal is a rewarding and important career choice. The requirements for this position are typically quite flexible but mostly revolve around education and administration. Getting an interdisciplinary degree majoring in elementary education, administration, special education, or even a particular school subject such as English or math can open the door to this great job.

In conclusion, one can easily see the benefits to holding such a degree. Instead of being ultra-educated in just one area, your expertise spans several, related areas. In turn, the job world is ripe with offerings for those with this kind of multi-faceted education. These are just a few of the benefits and jobs made available by those with a degree interdisciplinary studies.

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