What Will be the 5 Most Popular Online Degrees for 2015?

Most-Popular-Online-DegreesPeople who want to learn new skills and have more career opportunities often investigate the most popular online degrees that fit their professional goals, personal interests and schedules.

Years ago, online educational options were rather limited, but that is not the case in today’s education and training market. There are now accredited online degree programs in nearly every educational discipline, and they allow students to achieve their academic goals regardless of their geographic locations or unique schedule constraints. Here are five undergraduate and graduate level online degree programs that are anticipated to be popular throughout 2015.

#1 Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology

Most businesses heavily rely on computing technology to support their organization’s operations as well as administrative activities. Knowledgeable computer specialists who have mastered information technology foundational principles as well as problem solving skills are needed to help companies remain competitive in the market place. Job opportunities in specialties like network administration and cybersecurity are plentiful, and online undergraduate degree programs in computing technology can help to prepare students to fill those positions.

#2 Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and Management

Medical care within the traditional and alternative healthcare communities is on the minds of many people living in the United States. People are mainly concerned about the availability and the quality of their healthcare in light of new legislative reforms. Until the majority of modern society decides to take responsibility for their wellness by consistently making correct nutritional choices, there will continue to be a great demand for health care professionals. Education in the administrative side of health care fits well into online degree program formats, and students have a variety of undergraduate and graduate level web based degree program choices.

#3 Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration

Ensuring public safety has become a paramount issue in the minds of many in America and around the world. Whether one believes that all terrorism strikes are real or false flag events, mainstream society has become vigilant in its quest to mitigate risks to public safety. Also, governments are willing to pay for trained professionals who can help plan for these contingencies. Many online public safety degree programs are offered that help students to develop budgeting, strategic planning, hazard risk management and leadership skills.

#4 Master of Arts in Education

Nearly every industry is now actively participating in the global economy, and the education sector is no exception. While local communities have always valued skilled teachers, the international market place is now wooing experienced instructors especially in subjects like science, technology and language arts. There is also a demand for teachers in niche education areas such as special education. Online degree programs in education allow certified teachers to hone their skills and sharpen their resumes for opportunities at home and abroad.

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#5 Masters in Business Administration

Innovative products and services are only parts of the success equation for businesses. Profitable organizations need business leaders who have problem solving and managerial skills to help establish the strategic direction of companies, and these individuals usually have several years of experience as well as advanced degrees in management. Accredited online Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs allow working business professionals to improve their analytical and communication skills. Students attending online MBA programs are usually able to keep their current employment while preparing for increasing career responsibilities.


These comprehensive online degree programs have been adapted from rigorous traditional degree program curricula to support the dynamic requirements of industry as well as the professional development of students. The most popular online degrees seek to provide students with all the advantages of conventional learning options like internships and career development opportunities but with added flexibility for working professionals.